Flourish of Magik Masala Australia

Dr. Kaushik Das Gupta who is a First Class Cricketer and an Accountant started his dream project Magik Masala Restaurants in Adelaide, South Australia with his prior hospitality experience in Liverpool, UK with his wife Ms Supriti Das Gupta who is a qualified Chef.

He took up one of his retired accounting client unfinished project and challenged his calculative approach and wise strategy to grand success of his first Magik Masala, Craigmore project. Fig1.

Magik Masala started in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide where establishments are far away from the City Centre and all amenities and food courts, people were hungry.

People had no option to buy India food locally but had to travel far for dinner on special occasions and India food was very well known.

He took a place on rent and transformed and renovated a pizza shop at a regional shopping center at Craigmore, South Australia to a beautiful ,spacious ,decorative Indian restaurant where people can sit and eat and enjoy their special occasions .

He believes in values, helping the local community providing them with best product, pricing, and customer service.

The following sections shows the branches of Magik Masala restaurants in Australia, how he was inspired ,his struggle skilled staffs involved ,first customer experience, his success and awards.

  1. Branches

With the grand success of the first project Magik Masala Craigmore, he opened up other three branches in Australia called Magik Masala Parafield Gardens, Magik Masala Salisbury and Hind Indian Cuisine Port Wakefield.

First restaurant started in 2014 at Craigmore Regional South Australia.

Magik Masala Craigmore Gardens has won 8 awards.


2nd restaurant branch started in 2017, which   is near to the city also became hugely popular with the locals for its fresh food,    pricing, timely and friendly customer service.

Magik Masala Parafield has won 4 Awards.


3rd Branch started in 2021 — Magik Masala Salisbury – Cuisine  

Free Hold Restaurant Outer Regional South Australia

4th Branch Started 2021 in Port Wakefield.

Hind Indian – Very popular among the locals

Outer regional South Australia


  1. Skilled Staffs

Skilled friendly staffs are recruited with Diploma is Hospitality qualification with prior experience and knowledge and also trained according to restaurant rules and menus to listen to the customers properly with time and suggest the best options and take care of them from time to time.

Staffs are allowed proper break every 2 hours periodically to freshen up and paid properly.


  1. First Guest of Magik Masala  –Allen & Family

The Guests were welcome, be seated comfortably on leather seats.

The barman took the drinks order and served them with their respective drinks while the guest having a glance of the Menu and picked their curries and ordered them. The food was cooked with properly spiced up in mild, medium and hot according to their tastes and served on time. The guests absolutely loved the mouthwatering food and friendly service of Magik Masala.

  1. Inspiration

He was inspired by Gorgon Rampsay watching his celebrity shows and even with Indian Cricketers Saurav Ganguly launched his multi-cuisine called Saurav’s in 2004 and Virat Kolhi opened his new restaurant called One8 Commune Gurgaon and their success stories.

  1. Struggle

The initial struggle was purely with skilled labors, hiring best chefs and staffs which is very scarce in regional Adelaide as people don’t want to travel far from the city, stock wastage and inventory mismanagement.

So he had to invest more time in this business apart from family life, job to build the business and reputation little by little.


  1. Awards and Rewards:-

Won 8 awards Council, Government, health & safety, Menu log, and online platform awards, local newspaper articles with their success story.

  1. Conclusion
    Although there are huge risk and operational challenges in opening up so many branches of Magik Masalas, shortage of skilled labours, customer management, stock wastage, theft and inventory management. The main success is always about prior experience, calculative approach and strategies, hard work, patience and determination and taking care of employees and customers worked towards the ultimate success of Magik Masala and achieving the goals.

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