“Choto Mukha Boro Kotha” – a Bengali Feature Film by Sonu Das

Sonu Entertainment presents a new Bengali feature film “Choto Mukha Boro Kotha”. It is written, directed and produced by the very talented Sonu Das.
The junior cast of the film have Nishan Das, Ayushi Das, Sounak Mondal, Raj Sankar, Sija, Rindhima, Khushi, Priyanka, Puja and others.
All the junior artists are students of the group of Sonu Entertainment.
Some of the senior actors are Anamika Saha, Madhab Chaterjee, Tapan Yedav, Sonu Das, Manoj Kumar Mondal, Chandan and others.
The story-line focuses on the difference between poor old street-side children and those of upper-middle class family and their contrasting perspective of life.
The ultimate massage of the movie is to show people that nobody is bad, some becomes bad because of lack of opportunities.
If we can treat them better than there is a hope of better environment and a better future of the society. The film aims to uphold the massage that nobody is superior or inferior and every child should be treated equally for holistic development of our society.

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