Author Padmini Dutta Sharma joins CPDR — Ready to Fight for LGBTQ Community

Internationally acclaimed writer Padmini  Dutta Sharma who authored fifteen top selling books of different genres  and made several short films to earn rare reviews, now joins Human Rights Organization CPDR as the President to stand up for LGBTQ community and CHILD ABUSE.
Her fighting spirit was evident as she lashed it out to the society that discriminates and questions every move of the LGBTQ community. The fact that they are continuously manhandled, trolled, discriminated and bullied even at this twenty first century is a matter of grave concern.
   She remarked -“I am completely foxed by the way they are treated in every sphere of life, not to mention their own homes, among their parents and siblings. The fact that everyone seems to be embarrassed on being bracketed with them is immensely heartbreaking and unnerving as their orientation is not in their control or anybody else’s.
On being asked about the fact if they are corroding the society by their weird lifestyle and thought process, Padmini flared up against  ‘straight faced devils’ who are degrading the society by all the dubious acts and perversities.
   She said we must  be responsible for the nefarious activities going on among cousins, family members  and blood relations regularly. And what about the incestuous activities going on within the families?
Padmini is shocked how one’s own parents abandon their children because of their pseudo social status, asking their ‘differently oriented’ children to leave home and at the same time pine for the company of their so called ‘good’ children that ultimately abandon them in turn and trash them in old age homes.
  I am sure people of LGBTQ community are more golden hearted than the rest, at least they are kind and generous. So what if they can’t bear children? Do all the so called “straight” couples are able to bear children naturally? Many straight celebrity couples take recourse to IVF or test tube babies then? I want the regressive society to ponder on these questions before raising their eyebrows when it comes to same sex discourse. I wish the uneducated to educate themselves a little before opening their big mouth!’
    On asking her to speak on ‘she abuse and child labor’ she said the matter would be discussed in the coming days.

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