Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Maharaja Purna Chandra College at Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Orissa

Maharaja Purna Chandra College at Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Orissa celebrated their 3 days long Platinum Jubilee, starting from 5th Jan. till 7th Jan., 2024 in their both college campuses at Takatpur and Maharaja Palace at Barabazar.

The day-long program for almost 12 hours everyday included felicitations of dignitaries and senior successful MPCians, few words from the guests on the dais, panel discussions, cultural fiesta performed by present, ex-MPCians and professionals.

On 7th Jan., Baripada town witnessed a never-seen before massive rally covering almost entire town by the MPCians.

The event was a grand success and it had made a thumping impression under the able guidance of Chairman Mr. Sudam Marandi (Minister, Govt of Odisha), Vice-Chairman Dr. Arun Kumar Rath & Dr. Bijoy Kumar Agarwal, Convenor-Principal M.P.C.(Auto) College, Secretary Mr.Kalinga Keshori Jena, Treasurer Mr. Purnendu Kumar Das, Chief Co-Ordinator: Mr.Pritish Chandra Basa.

Reported by:- Parimal Malakar, Hello Kolkata News-Media.

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