World Meditation Day celebrated by Pragyan Foundation

World Meditation Day celebrated by Pragyan Foundation, 

On May 21st, 2024, Pragyan Foundation in association with Divine Bliss Foundation celebrated World Meditation Day at Pragyan Bhavan. The highlight of the event was an inspiring and deeply calming meditation session led by Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, President of Pragyan Foundation. Dr. Agarwal, with his extensive knowledge and soothing presence, guided the participants through a 7 minute Chakra Meditation Technique aimed at fostering inner peace and mindfulness. His session was well-received, with many attendees expressing feelings of tranquility and enhanced mental clarity. Meditation significantly reduces stress and anxiety, promoting mental clarity and emotional stability. Practicing meditation regularly also helps to manage high blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases, insomnia, etc.

Following the meditation session, Dr. Agarwal engaged the participants in an interactive discussion. This segment provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions, share their experiences, and gain deeper insights into the practice of meditation and its benefits. Dr. Agarwal’s answers were enlightening, offering practical advice on incorporating meditation into daily life to enhance mental well-being and spiritual growth.

The World Meditation Day celebration organized by Pragyan Foundation was a resounding success. Dr. Naren Pandey, Mr. Pawan Kumar Saraf, Mr. Ashis Basak, Dr. Satya Narayan Gangopadhyay, Dr. Namita Chakraborty, K.S. Adhikari, Ms. Geeta Sinha, Ms. Sarita Jaiswal, Mr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, Ms. Chandra Chatterjee, Mr. Sushil Kumar Shah, Mr. Ram Ratan Agarwal, Ms. Anita Saha, Mr. Sadruz Zaman and many others actively participated in the program. Mr. Chandan Agarwal, CEO of Pragyan Foundation was the convener of the program.

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