Certification for ‘Hello Kolkata PICNIC’ to “CRPC – West Bengal State Team”

Hello Kolkata Press – Media certification to CRPC – West Bengal State team

Certificate of APPRECIATION


The State Director, CRPC WB State Team



To,  The Founder-Chairman of CRPC


Festive Greetings from Asish Basak, social influencer.

I hereby congratulate



 in our PICNIC and Cultural Fiesta,

held at Bangur Mukta Mancha on 19 Nov., 9 am – 5 pm.

CRPC West Bengal State Team had participated with 10 dynamic and pro-active members, led by State Director Sri Niloy Chatterjee.

I personally thank Pratap Kumar Mandal, Associate State Director of CRPC for this link-up of mine with CRPC.

Although all 10 CRPC members were truly excellent, I will personally extend my heartiest thanks for the wonderfully energetic Sonali Begum, who came all the way from Plassey and took an exemplary lead in enabling this Picnic.

It is truly noteworthy that all the 10 CRPC members had adhered to   Protocol,  financially supported the endeavour,  took active participation in the fun games and cultural programs on stage,  shared and cared for others during the Picnic and really represented an ethical wholesome unit, ensuring grand success of our program.

In fact, I hereby declare that although our Picnic had about 70 persons, representing all sectors of life, but CRPC Members SHONE THE BRIGHTEST  with their Punctuality, Delegation of Duty, Camaraderie and Cooperation for all during the day-long event.

In the end, being a Social Influencer, it is my immense pleasure to get an opportunity to work intrinsically with CITIZEN RIGHTS PROTECTION COUNCIL as MEDIA REPRESENTATIVE of CRPC West Bengal Team.

Introducing myself, I am the Editor-Director of Hello Kolkata (RNI registered daily English newspaper & web channel).

I am also deeply involved in Creative Writing, HRD, Films, Event Management and Promotions.

Apart from running News-Media organisation, I am the Ruling President of 2 international organizations– LIONS CLUB Of Kolkata MAGNATES and ROTARY Club Of Kasba,

I eagerly look forward for many such future alliances and hoping for wonderful cooperation from CRPC in our upcoming socio-cultural initiatives and once again extending heartfelt thanks and gratitude to CRPC West Bengal State team.


-Asish Basak

Chief Organizer– PICNIC & Cultural Fiesta 2023


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