Ananda Dhara Meditation by Dr. Suresh Agarwal gets Best Innovation Award at Rabindra Sadan

Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal, Director International Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, in recognition of his outstanding innovation and contribution in the field of Meditation has been awarded with Best Innovation Award 2023 for 7 Step Ananda Dhara Meditation at Rabindra Sadan by Padakshep The Step, Kolkata.
He was awarded by PADAKSHEP officials Subhajit Duttagupta, Rakhi Banerjee Roy and Asish Basak.

On this occasion Dr. Suresh Agarwal also introduced about the benefits of Ananda Dhara Meditation in the acronym of 5 H i.e. Health, Healing, Happiness, Harmony and Humanity. He guided the audience how they can include meditation in their daily life and advised them to at least meditate 10 minutes daily to see the visible difference.
He also said– “Meditation is the new medicine and we should make it a part of our routine the way we make medicine a part of our routine and soon a day will come when meditation will replace medicine.”

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