Registration for 2024 Haj pilgrims has started

Registration for 2024 Haj pilgrims has started.
The twelfth month of the Islamic calendar is called Dihu All Hijja. Every year the holy Hajjatra takes place from 8th to 13th of this month.
Registration opened for pilgrims. Devout Muslims can register online for Hajjatra 2024.

Registration for Hajjatra has started from December 4. This online process will continue till December 20.
Chairman of ‘Bengal Cultural Organization’ Surman Ali Mandal demanded to open a separate counter for Haj pilgrims at passport service centers.

He said that currently the State and Central Governments are delaying in getting the password and ID number from each Haj Committee, causing problems for those who will go for Haj.

A letter has been sent to the Union Ministry of External Affairs due to such complaints from various districts. So that different passport service centers have separate counters for Haj pilgrims to provide speedy passports. He also demanded the simplification of some passport documents, so that Haj pilgrims can get their passports within a weekHe appealed to the Prime Minister to negotiate with the King of Saudi Arabia so that the cost of Haj pilgrims can be reduced. Like last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi increased the quota for two lakh Indian Haj pilgrims by negotiating with the King of Saudi Arabia.
This online registration application can be done by logging on to the Haj Committee website

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