MD. Shoaib Hussain from Titagarh took part in International Youth Summit

MD. Shoaib Hussain from Titagarh took part in International Youth Summit

A young volunteer and leader from Titagarh, Mohammad Shoaib Hussain, participated in the International Youth Summit 2024 held in Nepal, where he represented West Bengal, India, and shared his work on environmental conservation under the banner of the “Pehchan Foundation.”

Mohammad Shoaib Hussain’s participation in the International Youth Summit 2024 in Nepal was a significant opportunity for him. At this summit, representing West Bengal, India, he presented his work in the field of environmental conservation. Under the banner of the Pehchan Foundation, Shoaib shared his commitment and efforts toward the environment.

Shoaib particularly emphasized his work on river cleaning campaigns. He discussed his initiatives and projects on various environmental issues, including river cleaning, tree planting, reducing plastic pollution, water conservation, and spreading environmental awareness in local communities. Shoaib shared his experiences and the challenges faced during river cleaning campaigns and their solutions.

He shared his experiences and learnings with other international delegates, giving him the opportunity to get involved in solving global environmental problems. This journey not only boosted his confidence but also provided him with a unique experience of presenting his work on an international platform. He also learned how young people from different countries are contributing to environmental conservation and resolved to apply this knowledge in his community.

The participation of these young representatives from Titagarh, especially Mohammad Shoaib Hussain, proved that concrete steps taken at the local level can have a significant impact internationally. His efforts conveyed the message that no step towards environmental conservation is small and that collective efforts can make our planet safe and healthy.

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