“Matir Tane Bhashai Gane” – directed by Gopa Chakraborty


On 30th January, 2024, it was as if a piece of jungle had come up in the Rabindra Okakura building in Salt Lake.

Prominent poets and talented artists from different districts lit up the stage and also glowed in audience in the program titled “Mati Tane Bhashai Gane” directed by Gopa Chakraborty, Bhoomi Kanya of Jangalmahal and Founder of MATRIR TANE (recital centre).

MATRIR TANE (recital centre) aims to teach folk language correctly. A glimpse of how the students have been moving forward with dedication for the last three years was presented to the distinguished people on 30th Jan. eve via a colourful medley of songs, dance and recitation.

The scenario was rendered a magical touch due to the heritage Dhamsa Madal Baul. The program started with rendition of eminent poet Debabrata Singha along with score by Subhra Sengupta.
Then Gopa Chakraborty cordially invited her senior mentors to the stage and honoured them with traditional Chho masks and saplings of Purulia.

Famous poets Debabrata Singha, Debashis Danda, Shaswati Hossain and others were esteemed Guests of Honour.

After that, “Colorful Journey of the Alphabet” written and directed by Gopa Chakraborty, aiming to teach correct pronunciation of the Bengali language to young children in the guise of easy play, left an indelible mark in everyone’s mind.

The evening was filled with folk poetry and songs. During the program, a host of distinguished social workers and intellectuals were honoured, like Pradyut Debnath, eminent poets Subhash Roy, Neelachal Chattoraj, Didithi Chakraborty, Tarashankar Chakraborty, Sujan Mithi and others.

The students of MATIR TANE and guest performers presented eye-catching performances.

The rendition by folk singers Tirtha Biswas and Rita Chakraborty were truly outstanding.

The program ended with the audience dancing spontaneously to the tunes of Dhamsa Madal along with soul-stirring songs by Partha Bhowmik and Sonai Sen of Mohul band.

“Congratulations to Gopa Chakraborty and her entire support cast for stringing together such a grand cultural bouquet. Thanks to our well-wisher Sanjay Kundu for aligning HELLO KOLKATA as Media Partner of this mega eve. Best wishes to MATIR TANE and hope they carry forward the wonderful work of promoting Folk Culture,” remarked Asish Basak, Editor-Director of HELLO KOLKATA, 3D News, Events, PR & Films.

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