Kohsa Analytics Awarded for “Impactful Sustainable Solutions for the Environment” at Zee Business MSME National Summit and Awards 2023

Kohsa Analytics, a leading name in advanced engineering services across diverse sectors, has received prestigious recognition at the esteemed Zee Business MSME National Summit and Awards 2023.

The event, held at Radisson Blu on 28th August 2023, bestowed upon Kohsa Analytics the honour for their outstanding contributions in “Impactful Sustainable Solutions for the Environment”.

The Zee Business MSME National Summit and Awards is a distinguished platform dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that play a vital role in driving innovation and growth within our economy.

Expressing her gratitude, Ms. Srestha Chatterjee, the visionary founder of Kohsa Analytics, stated, “I am truly honoured by this recognition. This award is a reflection of the collective effort of the Kohsa Analytics team. We remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering positive change through innovation and sustainable practices.”

Kohsa Analytics has consistently demonstrated its excellence in the industry and has garnered various accolades for their significant contributions. This recognition builds upon their past achievements, including ET Women Aspiring Leaders Award for Ms. Srestha Chatterjee, highlighting her exceptional contributions to the realm of sustainable solutions.

Looking ahead, Kohsa Analytics envisions a future where their pioneering efforts in sustainability and engineering will continue to inspire progress. The company remains dedicated to expanding its positive impact by introducing novel measures that contribute to a more sustainable and brighter future.

As a part of their ongoing mission, Kohsa Analytics will continue to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and lead by example in embracing environmental consciousness within their field. Their commitment to creating meaningful change will remain unchanged as they drive forward towards a more sustainable and thriving world.

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