International Day of Happiness Celebration at Pragyan Bhawan

Pragyan Foundation in association with Ananda Dhara International celebrated International Day of Happiness.  It was followed by a Meditation for World Peace on 20th March, 2024 at The Temple of Healing Pragyan Bhavan, Kolkata, India.

Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal President, Ananda Dhara International explained the importance and the reason for celebrating International Day of Happiness Worldwide. He explained the PERMA + Model of Happiness along with its impacts.
Dr. Agarwal said, “Happiness is not merely a fleeting emotion but a critical determinant of overall well-being and fulfillment in human life. Prioritizing happiness can lead to numerous benefits across physical, mental, social and emotional domains, ultimately contributing to a more satisfying and meaningful existence.”
It was followed by a Laughter Meditation which was highly appreciated and enjoyed by all the participants under the leadership of Dr. Agarwal.
Dr. Naren Pandey, Dr. Satyanarayan Gangopadhyay, Mr. K.S. Adhikari, Dr. Namita Chakraborty, Mr. Sanatan Mahakud, Ms. Namita Saha, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Ms. Swapna Moholanabis, Ms. Chandra Chatterjee, Mr. Gopal Kar, Mr. Tapas Saha, Ms. Rita Dhar, Mr. Sushil Shah, Ms. Beena Kurosia, Mr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, Ms. Anita Saha, Ms. Gita Sinha, Mr. Suresh Kumar Gupta, Mr. Jayanta Kumar Das, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Mukherjee and many others actively participated in the event.
Priti Sharma, Amisha Roy, R. R. Agarwal and Sushavan Kundu contributed towards the success of the program.

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