Prity Jain Entertainment’s first Album launched


After a long wait, the music video “Finally” is finally released by Prity Jain Entertainment. Viewers will see Avisekh Dutta on Prity Jain Entertainment’s YouTube. Also, this video will be coming to Prity Jain Entertainment’s Facebook after a few days.

Starring Monali Sudeepta, Abhishek D.O. .P Sauvik Mondal, Video Editing Sabyasachi Vardhan, Director Sudipta Debnath and Prity Jain. Story written and concept by Abhishek Dutta, poster edited by Chandan Par.
Dunlop Studios at HiFive as PJ Entertainment Production House conducts an all-over grooming class. From acting to modeling, anyone can learn and build their career in the lime light very easily. From dance to modelling, Zumba, acting, fitness, cardio, properly taught and given a place in the world of Tollywood and Bollywood acting.

Studio “HiFive” Phone No :079800 40439
Facebook page: PJ entertainment

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