“Chhondo” – Social Event & Fundraiser organized by Rotary Club Of Calcutta Pointers

Initiative by Rotary Club Of Calcutta Pointers

“Chhondo”, meaning ‘Rhythm’, is the very first cultural event & public fundraiser organized by the Rotary Club of Calcutta Pointers (RCCP).

All proceeds from ticket sales from this fundraiser will go to RCCP’s current service projects in areas of community development, education and upliftment of economically disadvantaged women and children.

RCCP is a unique Rotary Club within Rotary International District 3291, with members residing across the globe, yet actively lending their time, knowledge, resources and professional expertise as doctors, engineers, faculty of Indian and other universities abroad, business leaders and other professionals, to improve local communities through service based projects.

We have formed strong partnerships with NGOs and other organizations sharing our values of “Service Above Self” and Purbasha Eco Helpline Society (PEHS), a versatile and active local NGO, serves as the Rotary Community Corps for the club in the Sundarban region.

Since being inducted into Rotary in December 2021, RCCP has completed a broad range of projects during a short span of less than 2 years. We have been focused on bringing positive change in the areas of Basic Education & Literacy, Community Development, Women‘s Empowerment – helping build sustainable livelihood for women in rural areas, Disease Prevention & Treatment, and Environment.
One of our current pilot projects, in association with PEHS and Tagore Society for Rural Development, is working with a cohort of widows and other economically disadvantaged women, many of whose family members were killed by tiger attacks affecting their daily survival.
By providing seeds, saplings, spawns, goats and other livestock while building and reinforcing their land or pond, along with necessary training, we hope to carve a path for these women to become financially self-sufficient.

We hope to expand this initiative to add other women and help this ecologically fragile community rise above the poverty line with the ongoing support of our donors over the next few years.

We are also supporting a number of after-school facilities focusing on children from underprivileged and high-risk communities. These schools face challenges with lack of dedicated space, furniture, books, technology and stationery, teacher and aide salaries.

The children need medical care and awareness of ways of leading a healthy lifestyle. Some of the current institutions needing funding include Batighar Pathshala, catering to children mostly from the red-light area of Kalighat, School of Football Excellence, striving to keep children of daily wage earners engaged through football, and most recently, an after-school in Bankura managed by the organization, “A Little Contribution,” where the children do not yet have a permanent facility for their classes.

We are grateful for the support of the artists in making “Chhondo” a resounding success. Our program featured popular artists such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Grand finalist and playback singer Aritra Dasgupta, and award-winning elocutionist/singer duo Samya Karpha and Sounak Chattopadhyay, who have performed across many continents and earned a special place in the hearts of many. An enchanting dance recital was presented by Natyanova Performing Arts who performed excerpts from their production of Amar Mukti Aloye Aloye, based on writings and songs of Tagore describing the beauty of nature, journey of life and salvation in nature.

However, the beautifully rendered opening performance, “Chitrangadar Ichhe,” or “Chitrangada’s wish”, a dance tale based on Rabindranath’s Chitrangada by young artists of Batighar Pathshala, had our hearts and souls. Presented in a mix of semi-classical and creative dance form, it focused on the journey of Chitrangada in finding herself amidst the dilemma of how her father wanted her to be and how the society wanted her to be.

“Bondhu Collective”, our partnering community organization, a cohort of educators, artists, and professionals in sports and mental health, has been running this informal after-school facility where “CharchaPath” engages children in performing arts as part of their holistic learning. It was indeed a fulfilling experience to see them share their talents with the community in this beautiful performance.

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