“AALPIN” — a fantastic LGBTQ Talent Show by Sangita Sinha

Angel Nabajiban Welfare Society, a non-profit organization, is moving forward with the goal of mainstreaming the LGBTQ community in Bengal and promoting equality at all levels of society.
Internationally acclaimed beauty queen and actress Sangeeta Sinha, the NGO Founder, is organizing AALPIN – an extraordinary event to showcase the immense talent of West Bengal’s LGBTQ community on 30 July 2023 at Eastern Metropolitan Club, Kolkata.

The event aims to highlight the different aspects of style, beauty and personality of the LGBTQ community in Bengal. The initiative, a first of its kind in West Bengal, will be attended by leading members of the LGBTQ community from across West Bengal.

Sangita Sinha also wants to talk about the huge societal challenges facing these communities and how society can take responsibility for supporting and empowering them. Angel Nabajiban Welfare Society strongly believes that changing the attitude of the society will open up various avenues of earning for them. Everyone has equal opportunities in society. We can build a culture of acceptance by highlighting the true potential within everyone. Sangita promises to build a new world through AALPIN – a grand fashion show and beauty pageant.

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