Press Release issued by South Point Education Society on 8.2.24

This statement is being issued on behalf of South Point School & South Point High School run and managed by South Point Education Society whose Governing Council is presided over by Justice Kalpesh S. Jhaveri [Retd. Chief Justice of Orissa High Court].
In the morning at about 11.30am, one of our esteemed Trustees, Mr. Krishna Damani was detained by Kolkata Police. On protracted enquiries, we understand that such detention by the police was on the basis of a frivolous and false complaint filed by Indranil Choudhury, one of the close associates of Mr. Harsh Vardhan Lodha sometime in 2023.
The complaint is manifestly motivated with intent to defame and harass the Trustees of our School and to generally demoralise the management, senior staff, teachers as well as our students. Such complaint appears to be handiwork of a conspiracy hatched by and on behest of Mr. Harsh Vardhan Lodha.
The entire South Point fraternity deprecates and condemns such act and conduct. Appropriate legal steps are being taken to protect the interest of the Trustees, officers, teachers and other staff members and ensure that the perpetuators of false propaganda and complaint are brought to justice through laws of our land.
We stand united at this hour and have full faith in our judicial system and are extremely confident that we and the truth shall prevail ultimately.


**This news is as per a Press Release issued by South Point Education Society on 8.2.24

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