Poem by Soumaditya Ghosh – a school student

Friends Getting Apart

Soumaditya Ghosh   (Student of Class IX Sec B, Jyotirmoy Public School, Sonarpur)

When I was in class four, I met my best friend.
Soon in no time we became best brothers.
We had lots of fun together Gossiping,sharing tiffins and made memories.
Then after one year came lockdown.
we had to get apart.
After another one year I left the school and joined another new one.
Where again I met new friends.
Soon they become my best friends and then my best brothers.
We spent time in school. Playing football,sharing tiffins, Gossiping,had lots of funs and made new memories.
After spending two years together ,
One evening before the start of our new session, we got to know that our sections got changed.
Spending one year making new memories, Without knowing that it was our last year together.
Was the saddest part of my story.
Even though we are not in the same section,
But everyday we go to each other’s section, Gossip,share tiffins and have fun together. Everyday I talk to my best friend of class four.
Though we got apart but our friendship lasted forever.

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