“Assam-Bangla Maitri Meet”

Assam-Bangla Maitri Meet

“Assam-Bangla Maitri Meet” was held at Moulali Youth Centre under the management of Being Bliss NGO, supported by ALL INDIA NGO WELFARE ASSOCIATION on 6th Jan.
The grand program were coordinated by famous social worker Chandan Majumder and social scientist Dr. Tapas Dey.
This program focused on promotion of peace, harmony and fraternity, denouncing hatred and evil vibes in the name of language, caste, religion, etc.
The solemn meet also witnessed cultural collage with 30 song and dance artists from Assam & 45 artists from West Bengal
The program was greatly supported by volunteers of All India NGO Welfare Association, National Council of Art & Cultural, Dwip Foundation, Arka Trust, Manav Vikas Ashram, Bandana and Apoorva Saree, National Council of Education and Training and Being Bliss NGO.
The heritage Indian Education & Culture was showcased through Kabi Guru’s songs, poetry, Padavali dance of Bengal and Bihu dance of Assam, etc.
All the artists highlighted the theme of love, harmony and unity through their wonderful presentations.
The main theme of the program was “Unity in Diversity, in spite of difference in languages, clothes, ethnicity & habits.”

-Debashish Banerjee and Asish Basak, Hello Kolkata


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